Zongzi | Ancient Chinese Culture


Zongzi, also called rice dumplings, is a traditional Chinese food served on the Duan Wu festival. It is made of glutinous rice suffered with various fillings and wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves.

The shapes of Zongzi are different, but the most popular shapes are triangular and pyramidal. It is tied with a string and cooked by steaming or boiling.

Legend goes that when Qu Yuan jumped into the river, the local people, who loved him deeply, searched for him in the river, at that time, they threw their local food Zongzi into the river in order to keep the fishes from eating Qu’s body.

Another legend says that at first, the local folk threw rice into the river to feed the fishes, but one night, the spirit of Qu asked his friends to wrap the rice into three-cornered silk packages to ward off the dragon. So, that is believed as the origin of Zongzi.

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