Tibetan Knives | Ancient Chinese Culture

Tibetan Knives

Tibetan knives are carried by most Tibetans, male and female. It plays an important role in daily life. They act as indispensable tool for Tibetan people to defend themselves or cut meat when they are eating. They are also designed for decoration, just having the same functions as necklaces and rings.

According to the lengths, the knives can be classified into three types, namely long, short and small knives. The long knives can be more than 1 meter, while the short and small ones are about 40cm and 10cm respectively.

The knife is well known for its sharp blade and magnificent handle. Its handle is always made from more than one material, such as bull horns, antelope horns, wood, metal, etc. It is decorated with silver, copper or iron threads. Some of them even carved with various designs, like flowers, animals, etc.

The knife enjoys high reputation at home and abroad. It is of high art value as a form of ethnic handicraft in China.


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