The Queen Mother of the West, Xiwangmu | Ancient Chinese Culture

the Queen of the Female Immortals

The Queen Mother of the West, called Xiwangmu in Chinese,is regarded as the highest goddess and the ruler of female Transcendents.

Originally, from the earliest known depictions of her in the ancient literature of Shan Hai Jing, she was a ferocious goddess with the teeth of a tiger, who sent plagues down upon the world.


However, after she was adopted into the Taoist pantheon, she was transformed into the goddess of life and immortality. She ruled a paradise called West Flower, while her husband, Mu Gong, guarded males in his East Flower paradise.


She had a garden which contained rare flowers and the peach of immortality, which blooms once in 3,000 years and every 3,000 years she invited all the other gods to partake of a banquet with peaches for dessert.



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