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the God of Thunder in China

The God of Thunder, also called Lei Shen, Lei Kung or “Raytheon”, is a supernatural being who is in charge of thunder in heaven in ancient Chinese myth. He also can distinguish good and evil and uphold justice. It is said that he always carries a drum and mullet to make thunder to punish both earthly mortals guilty of secret guilty and evil spirits.

The image of God of Thunder has existed in China for a long time which can date back to the period of the Warring States (475BC~221BC). According to ancient records, he has a monkey-like face with three eyes on and two wings on his back. He was also very strong.

The legend goes that, the god was originally a mortal. He was always persecuted by villain. After his death, he went to the heaven and told Jade Emperor about his tragic experience. Jade Emperor sympathized with him in his sufferings and conferred the God of Thunder on him. Then he had the power to chase away the evil spirits and punish criminals.

He is regarded as the symbol of justice. People have worshiped him since ancient times. Many temples were built in honor of him, which express people’s desire for fairness and justice.

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