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Mosuo Tribe – the Kingdom of Women

Mosuo tribe, part of the Naxi ethnic minority, mostly live around a great lake named Lugu Lake (at the junction of Yunnan Province and Sichuan Province). It is also known as the Kingdom of the Women as it is one of the few remaining matriarchal societies left in the world.

Mosuo tribe has a long history which can date back to 2000 years ago. They have always maintained their matriarchal culture. Every family is always led by a capable female who is highly respected by other members. She has the right to make decisions in handling family affairs. Each family usually consists of about 10 people or more and the property is always shared by every adult in a family.

The Mosuo people practice a unique form of marriage which is called“walking marriage”. Mosuo lovers are not bound by marriage and their relationship is based only on mutual affection. They two will still respectively live in their mother’ home all their lives after “walking marriage”. Every adult Mosuo girl has a private bedroom. So, the adult Mosuo boy can visit her during the night but should leave early the next morning. Girls hold the initiative in love affairs. If a girl wants to stop this relationship, she may just not open the door or put a pair of male shoes outside the door. If a child is born, the baby belongs exclusively to the mother’s side and will inherit her surname.

In the past, the Mosuo people were very isolated without contact to the outside world. While nowadays, roads have been built and Mosuo people begin to open their doors to welcome visitors.

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