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Goddess of Daffodil – Ehuang & Nu Ying


Ehuang and Nu Ying, daughters of Yao (the Emperor of China during 2358 – 2258 BC), were the wives of Shun (a 23rd-22nd century BC leader of ancient China). They got along with each other very well.


When they heard the death of their husband, both of them throw themselves into the river. Legends said that they became the Goddess of Daffodil after their death.




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The God of Camellia – Bai Juyi


Bai Juyi is one of the most famous poets in the Tang Dynasty. His poems are widely known in China.

Bai is a poet with strong character. He usually protested the social evils of his day in his works. Camellia is also regarded as the flower of strong character since it is able to flourish in the cold winds.



Therefore, people always compared Bai with Camellia and chose Bai as the God of Camellia.



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God of Hibiscus Blossom – Shi Manqing


Shi Manqing, also known as Shi Yannian, is a very famous poet in the Song Dynasty. His got great achievement in the heroic and generous style poems.

He was determined to devote himself to his homeland when he was quite young. However, he died at the age of 48 without achieving his dream of defeating the invaders on the battlefield.



Legends said that after his death, he became the owner of the City of Hibiscus which was a magic land existed in the legend at that time. Then he was crowned the God of Hibiscus Blossom.



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God of Chrysanthemum – Tao Yuanming


Tao Qian, also known as Tao Yuanming, is one of the most famous poets in Chinese history. When he served as an official for 13 years, he was tired of the official circles and chose to return to seclusion in the countryside.

He is regarded as the poet who has deep affection for the chrysanthemum. He wrote many poems about the flower and the most famous one reads in part: “As I pick chrysanthemums beneath the eastern fence, my eyes fall leisurely on the Southern Mountain.” Since then, chrysanthemums have come to be identified with Tao and his utopian retreat.



Therefore, Tao is crowned the God of Chrysanthemum.




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Goddess of Laurel Blossom – Xu Hui


Xu Hui was a concubine of Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty. It was said that she was so clever that she was able to speak when she was five months old and when she was at the age of 8, she can even write poems.



Due to her talent, she was selected as one of the concubines for Emperor Taizong. However, such a genius died when she was 24 years old because she could not overcome the grief of the Emperor’s death.

She wrote many poems about Laurel Blossom when she was alive. Therefore, she was chosen as the Goddess of Laurel Blossom because of these poems and her intelligence.




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