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Shang Dynasty

Shang Dynasty, also known as Yin or Yin Shang Dynasty, is the second dynasty in Chinese history. It was established by Tang the Great and its final ruler was King Zhou.

Shang Dynasty was a dynasty based on agriculture and the main crops included millet, wheat, barley, etc. According to records, the Shang moved its capital six times and it reached its golden age when moved to Yin in 1350 BC.

The dynasty lasted about 600 years with 31 emperors and Shang Zhou was the last emperor. Legend goes that he was such a cruel tyrant that he killed his son and even murdered his ministers. At last, the Zhou dynasty overthrew Shang dynasty in 1050 BC.

There are two important contributions of the Shang Dynasty, namely the invention of the system of writing and the use of bronze.

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