Ancient Chinese Culture - Ancient China Life - Part 80

Chinese Ancient Four Beauties—Diao Chan

Diao Chan,who was said to have been born in 161 or 169 AD,was one of the Four Beauties in ancient China. However, unlike the other three beauties, she does not appear in any known historical writings, and is quite possibly a fictional character.

She appears in Romance of the Three Kingdoms ( a novel written by the Ming dynasty author Luo Guanzhong), in which she assists a plot by the official Wang Yun to persuade the warrior Lu Bu to kill the tyrant Dong Zhuo. She does this by becoming Dong Zhuo’s concubine but also Lu Bu’s betrothed, then manipulating the two through their jealousy. She finishes her task successfully.


There is a myth about Diao Chan’s death. Read more »

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Chinese Ancient Four Beauties—Yang Yuhuan

Yang Yuhuan ( A.D.713 — A.D.756), also known as Yang Guifei(with Guifei being the highest rank for imperial consorts at her time), was one of the Four Beauties in ancient China. She was the beloved consort of the Tang emperor Xuanzong. She was executed because the enraged imperial bodyguard troops were convinced that the Rebellion of Anshi was ultimately the fault of the Yang family.


She died, but her beauty is everlasting.

Her hair was whirly like clouds,
And visage glamorous like flowers. Read more »

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Warrior Goddess

In Chinese myth, the Mysterious Lady of the Ninth Heaven is regarded as the Chinese Warrior Goddess. In the earliest known depictions, she was the teacher of the ancient Yellow Emperor. She helped Yellow Emperor in the fight with Ch`i You.


During the period of spring and autumn, she transformed herself into the Jade Lady of Nan Shan, helping the Yueh State send a punitive expedition against the Wu State, and teaching the army to be equipped with six thousand highly qualified soldiers. Read more »

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Goddess of Luo

Lady Mi was the daughter of FuXi, the legendary Chinese emperor deemed to be the mythical creator of fishing, trapping, and writing. Because she was very fascinated with the beautiful scenery on both sides of the Luo River, Lady Mi descended onto the Luo River basin and lived there to teach them how to create nets, the skills of hunting, etc.


However, HeBo, the prodigal demigod of the Yellow River was mesmerized by the beauty of Lady Mi. He subsequently transformed himself into a white dragon, caused a great havoc in the Luo River and caught Lady Mi. Read more »

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Goddess Peak

Once upon a time, there lived in the heavenly palace a goddess named Yao Ji, who was the twenty-third daughter of the Queen Mother of the West. She could not endure the quiet life in the heavenly palace so she left the the palace to speed across the sky. When she came to the mist-enveloped Wushan Mountains, she saw twelve dragons causing trouble to the people and she then decided to eliminate the evils.


She killed all the dragons and in order to protect the people there, she turned into a peak. She stood on top of Wushan pointing the way for the passing ships, driving away wild animals, spreading drifting rain for the people. She was admired as Wushan Goddess and the peak was called Goddess Peak.


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