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Nine Sons of the Dragon

In Chinese mythology, the dragon has nine sons and each of them had a strong personality. Their images could always be found on the eaves, ridges, balustrades, and terrace bases of ancient Chinese buildings and ancient Chinese weapons and vessels. There are different versions about their names, but they are mostly known as:


1. Ya Zi
He often appears on ancient weapons as he is bad-tempered, fractious and inclined to fight.

2. Jiao Tu
He is as tight-lipped as a mussel or a snail. His image can always be found on doors.

3. Chi Wen
He likes swallowing things. His figure is always used for safeguarding palaces from fire.

4. Pu Lao
He loves roaring and his image is always put on bell handles.

5. Suanni
He is fond of smoke and fire and fire. He is always standing beside the main door.

6. Bi An
He is quite wise and can tell the good from the evil, so his images are used for the decorations of prison or court.

7. Ba Xia
He likes water, so he is always can be found on the holes of bridge.

8. Tao Tie
He is good at eating and drinking. As he can drink a lot, you can find it on some bridges.

9. Bi Xi
He is an excellent pack-animal whose image can be found on panniers.

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