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Money Tree


Money tree is a kind of legendary tree that sheds coins when shaken. In Chinese culture, it is a symbol of affluence, nobility and auspiciousness.

There were many versions about the origin of the money tree. Most people believed that it was originated from a story recorded in the Wei Zhi • of Annals of the Three Kingdoms. The story goes that a man named Bing Yuan picked up some coins on the street. He could not find the loser, so he put them on a tree.
Later, when the passersby saw the tree which had coins on it, they believed that it was a holy tree. Therefore, they put their own money on the tree in the hope that they could get more money with the blessings from the holy tree.


Since then, money tree has gradually become a kind of holy tree that can bring money and good fortune to people. Money trees have been excavated by the archaeologists from the ancient tombs, especially from the Han tombs for many times. It is believed that the concept money tree is derived at the latest from the Han Dynasty.

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