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Ma Liang and His Magic Brush

Ma Liang and His Magic Brush is a literary classic in the world and is also the gem of Chinese children literature. It is written by Hong Xuntao, the famous children’s literature writer in China.

The tale goes that, in a village, there lived a boy called Ma Liang, whose family was so poor that he could not go to school. However, he loved painting and studied very hard at it. One day, he got a special brush with magic power: Anything he painted with the magic brush would turn real. Then he used his magic brush to help the poor people in his village.

Soon, news about his magic brush reached the greedy local officer. He wanted Ma to draw gold coins and ingots for him, but Ma refused. Therefore, Ma was put into the prison and his brush was also confiscated. However, the local officer found that the brush did not have any magic power when it was used by others. He had no choice but to force Ma to draw for him again. This time, Ma agreed and drew a golden mountain, but he also drew the wavy ocean around it. After the officer and his servants sailed across the sea, Ma waved his brush to draw the fierce storm and finally the officer sank into the water.

After that, Ma left but no one knew where he went then. Maybe he travelled around and wherever he went he used his magic brush to help the poor.

The tale of Ma Liang and His Magic Brush is popular not only among the children, but also the adults. This tale has been translated into several languages and is favored by the people throughout the world. It also has a variety of literary forms including cartoons, films, songs, etc.

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