Longevity Peach | Shou Tao | Ancient Chinese Culture

Longevity Peach

The longevity peach, known as shou tao in Chinese, is not a fruit but a traditional Chinese steamed bun (similar to mantou) which symbolizes the immortality granting peach. Traditionally, it was presented during elderly birthday celebrations.

The longevity peach is shaped and colored like a peach in different sizes, some with lotus paste or red bean paste fillings.

Legend goes that the longevity peach trees grow in the garden of the Queen Mother of the West and these trees bear peaches once three thousand years. Those who consume the peaches may achieve immortality.

With such association with immortality, it is no wonder why human beings wanted to taste it and invent the peach shaped steamed buns to symbolize the immortality granting peaches. Nowadays, this traditional Chinese food still can be found in some Chinese shops and supermarkets.

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