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Kite, also known as Zhiyuan or Fengzheng in Chinese, first appeared in the Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC – 476 BC). However, the first kite was a wooden one made for military purposes.

Gradually, the use of kites changed from military to entertainment. Kites began to be made of paper after the invention of paper and from then on, they became popular among common people. Meanwhile, the popularity also promoted the kites’ development in size, design, decoration, flying skills, etc.



It was said that flying a kite and letting it go would sent off one’s bad luck and illness. Therefore, sometimes, it also acted as a gift sent to friends and relatives.

As time goes by, kite flying has publicized as a sports activity as well as entertainment. The well-known Weifang International Kite Festival held in Weifang city of Shandong Province attracts a large number of participants from home and abroad each April.



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