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Hanfu or Han Chinese clothing, also known as Silk Robe in English, refers to the clothing worn by the Han Chinese people, the predominant ethnic group of China, for millennia until the establishment of the Qing Dynasty in 1644.



Han Chinese clothing are cross-collar, right lapelled, waist-hugging, tied knots and in some cases, complete with belt hooks and other accessories. The style of clothing is elegant and unrestrained.


Due to the ancient culture exchanges, many traditional costumes of East Asian countries, such as the Kimono in Japan and the traditional Korean dress, etc. have been influenced by Hanfu. However, under the rule of Qing Dynasty, all the people were strictly forced to wear the Manchurian style of dress and that largely eliminated the traditions of wearing Hanfu.

Nowadays, the charm of Hanfu is rediscovered and a movement called “Hanfu Movement” has been launched by some Chinese people who are passionate about traditional culture.



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