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Goddess of Luo

Lady Mi was the daughter of FuXi, the legendary Chinese emperor deemed to be the mythical creator of fishing, trapping, and writing. Because she was very fascinated with the beautiful scenery on both sides of the Luo River, Lady Mi descended onto the Luo River basin and lived there to teach them how to create nets, the skills of hunting, etc.


However, HeBo, the prodigal demigod of the Yellow River was mesmerized by the beauty of Lady Mi. He subsequently transformed himself into a white dragon, caused a great havoc in the Luo River and caught Lady Mi.

HouYi rescued her and returned to the Luo River. Both of them fell in love. HeBo was so angry that he again transformed himself into a white dragon and attacked the Luo River, gobbling up the villages, farms and livestock.

HouYi came to the rescue and shot an arrow into HeBo’s left eye. Since then, Lady Mi and HouYi led a happy life. HouYi was later conferred the title of God of ZhongBu by the King of Heaven and Lady Mi was conferred Goddess of Luo.

Goddess of Luo Appraisal Painting





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