Ghost City Fengdu | Ancient Chinese Culture

Ghost City Fengdu

ghost-city-fengdu-01Fengdu City

What happens to the spirit when people die? Ancient Chinese believed that when people die, their spirits will gather in the ghost city and then receive judgments there. Fengdu, known as the Ghost City to Chinese, is located in Fengdu county, Sichuan province, China. Built 1800 years ago, it was modeled after the Chinese Hell in Taoist mythology.

In hell, a sprit would go through a whole and complete administration of a government to get the final judgment. The good spirits would be rewarded and the evil would be tortured for crimes they did when they were alive. They would be punished with ample torture facilities and different punishment would be given to different crimes.

ghost-city-fengdu-02Reincarnation Bridge

ghost-city-fengdu-03the Court of Yanluo, the King of Hell

ghost-city-fengdu-0418th Storey of Hell,  the Lowest Depths of Hell

ghost-city-fengdu-05the Great Emperor of Fengdu


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