Forecast for 2012 of the Tiger | Ancient Chinese Culture

Forecast for 2012 of the Tiger

Generally, 2012 will be a wonderful year for the tigers. It is the right time to prove yourself as greater responsibilities or authority will be given to you in the year of 2012. You are likely to have great success this year. However, please keep your eyes and ears open and watch over your finances as there is an indication for being cheated or being robbed.

Career –Tigers may get additional responsibilities and roles in the year of 2012 and the most important thing which you can do is to be informed and prepared. You may also have a lot of unexpected wealth opportunities this year.

Health –This year, you are likely to suffer stress from work and your family. Try to consider how to make your life a bit more relaxing. Physical exercises, such as swimming, running, are also good for your health.

Relations – For singles, there will be a high possibility to fall in love this year. For the married tigers, the bond between you will be much stronger than before.

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