Fireworks in Ancient China, History of Fireworks | Ancient Chinese Culture



Fireworks originated in China. In ancient times, fireworks were used not only to scare away beasts and evils, but also to pray for happiness and prosperity.

There are many versions about the invention of fireworks. Some said that fireworks were invented by accident by a Chinese chef when he happened to mix charcoal, sulphur and saltpeter together and the mixture burned. Therefore, the original firecracker was born.


Others said that fireworks were discovered or invented by alchemists. The alchemists failed to discover the elixir of life, but discovered fireworks when they tried to refine sand and base ore into a magical medicine.

The Chinese worked on the fireworks and then developed it into gunpowder. The knowledge of fireworks then was introduced to other parts of the world by the adventures travelling around the world.


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