Eight Immortals - Lu Dongbin | Ancient Chinese Culture

Eight Immortals – Lu Dongbin


Lu dongbin Is one of the most famous of Eight Immortals and considered to be the de facto leader of the group. He is also a historical figure who was mentioned in the official history book.

He was born in Jingzhao Prefecture around 796 during the Tang Dynasty. It was said that when he was born, a fragrance allegedly filled the room. He had been very intelligent since his childhood. However, he took the top-level civil service exam twice but failed.

Legend goes that one day he met Zhong Li-quan, another immortal. Lu fell asleep and dreamt that he had been promoted to a high official post and possessed enormous wealth. But then, in the dream, he was accused of crimes, lost his position and all his wealth. When he awoke from his dream he decided to forgo an official career and become a disciple of Zhongli Quan.


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