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Drinking Game – Jiuling


Jiuling, as one of the Chinese drinking game, is a kind of game played to add fun while drinking. It is an inseparable part of Chinese alcohol culture.

It has a long history in China which can date back to the Western Zhou Dynasty (1100 BC-771 BC). Originally, it was used to regulate people’s drinking habits and later during the Warring States Period (476 BC – 221 BC), it evolved to be a way of adding their enjoyment while drinking. It has become quite popular in all ranks of people since the Tang Dynasty (618-907).


The game goes like this: first, a compere will be elected from all the people at the feast to conduct the game. Then, all the people play the game in turns and the one who loses or disobeys the rule of the game has to drink. Sometimes, the game will focus on guessing words or riddles and taking up one’s poems or couplets. Sometimes, the game is just to guess the number of the rolled dice.

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