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Gorgeous Tang Dynasty Style Wedding Ceremony

A young couple held a traditional Tang Dynasty wedding recently. All the rituals, costumes and apparatus appeared in the wedding were accordance with those of a traditional Tang Dynasty wedding.

Let the gorgeous wedding ceremony takes us go back to the most prosperous dynasty in Chinese history.

Making up

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Wedding Bed

In ancient China, it is a custom for parents to prepare a dowry for their daughters. The dowry will be sent to the groom’s family a few days before the wedding. The dowry consists of an amount of practical items, including money, clothes, bed, etc. It is not only a blessing to the parents’ own daughter and their son in-law but also a symbol of the status and wealth of the bride’s family.

Wedding Bed is one of the most important dowry items as it is a typical representative of the bride’s family’s social and economic status. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ancient Chinese Wedding Custom – Post-wedding Ritual

The day following the wedding ceremony, the bride would serve tea to the groom’s family. At that time, she would be formally introduced to all the members of the groom’s family. She would serve tea in order, starting from the groom’s parents then proceeding from the oldest family members to the youngest ones. Lucky red envelopes which were filled with money or jewelry would be given to her after the tea was offered and a sip was taken.

Three days after the wedding ceremony, the couple would pay a visit to the bride’s family. At that time, the bride would not be considered a member of her original family any longer, instead, she would be received as a guest for her parents.


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Ancient Chinese Wedding Custom – Wedding Night Ritual

On the night of the wedding, a dragon and a phoenix candle would be lit in the bridal room to drive away the evil spirit. Usually, the groom had to entertain the guests attending the banquet and the bride would sit on the bridal bed and waited for the groom.

On the night, with arms crossed each other, the newly couple would drink wine from two cups which were tied together by a red string. After that, they would be offered dumplings which were half-raw. As the pronunciation of “raw” is the same as giving birth to children, it is regarded as a indication of family prosperity.

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Ancient Chinese Wedding Custom – The Wedding

Compared with the complicated preparations, the wedding ceremony was quite simple. The newlyweds were conducted to the family altar, where they had to kneel three times. First, they would kneel to the heaven and the earth, then to the ancestral tablets and their parents and at last they would kneel to each other. This official ritual was equal to the wedding vow in western wedding.

In some regions, the bride and the groom would be conducted to their bridal chamber. However, in some regions, the bride would present tea to the groom’s parents and relatives in sequence of seniority. The newlyweds would receive money which was wrapped in red envelopes from people who received the tea.


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