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Cao Cao

Cao Cao (155~220), also called the Emperor of Weiwu, is a famous statesman, strategist, poet during the period of Eastern Han Dynasty (25~220). In his lifetime, he unified the northern China and also contributed to the foundation of the kingdom of Wei (220-265).

He showed an aptitude for study when he was very young. He was well versed in both literature and martial arts and is almost omnipotent. Praised as the most successful ruler at that time, he played an important role in unifying the North China, resuming the economical production, stabilizing the social order, the development of agriculture, etc.

Cao Cao is not only a brilliant ruler, but also a great poet. Based on the content, his poetry can be divided into three categories: the disturbances during the period of the late Han Dynasty (202BC~220), his wishes of unifying China and his stubborn enterprising spirit. One of his most famous poems is Tortoise Lives Long.

Cao Cao is always a controversial historic character, which makes him more sincere. However, no one could deny that he is an outstanding statesman, strategist and poet.

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