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Bats in Chinese Culture

In Chinese culture, bats are regarded as auspicious creatures. The Chinese name of bat is bian fu — fu being a homophone for good fortune and happiness.

As symbols of happiness, bat images can easily be found on variety of objects, such as paintings, chinaware, architecture, embroidery, furniture, etc. When you found the bat images, pay more attention to the numbers of the bat as different numbers also convey different meanings. Usually, two bats means double luck while five bats means Five Fortunes, namely good luck, prosperity, wealth, happiness, longevity.

For example, a Ruyi with two bats means double wishes as wished. The Chinese character surrounded by five bats is a very deeply wish for good luck and longevity.

Till now, the designs and patterns of bats are still popular. Gifts with bats in the symbol always can express our good wishes. When you see an upside-down bat, just have a big smile, as that means good fortune has arrived.


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