The Lost Ways Review: Ultimate Survival Food Guide

The Lost Ways is simply a guide by Claude Davis, which gives us an essential understanding of how you can deal with any kind of difficult situations like catastrophe. It can be anything like financial troubles, natural disasters and even when you have to deal with toughest situations like war. In this book, Claude Davis has provided us with tried and proven tips and important points on how to handle man-made as well as natural disasters. The information used and the methods suggested are based on the experience of real life people who have actually faced such situations.

Claude Davis is the owner of the popular “Askaprepper” website. He is a prepper having experience of more than thirty years and he is the one who has written The Lost Ways book.

The lost ways book by Claude Davis is kind of an old fashion book. In his book, he clears that Americans prefer living an exaggeratedly comfortable lifestyle in which everything they want is within their reach with all the convenience of modern society. Just imagine the situation when all these things that they need to live their luxury life are taken away from them. It would be tough for them to survive without necessary knowledge of survival. Claude says that he wrote this book in the hope that Americans would think about their forefather, who survived and also progressed in their life without access to any such things or modern gadgets. In this book, he introduced subjects which according to him the today’s society must know.

the lost ways review

Here is a brief and some important points that Claude discussed in this book:

  • Claude has discussed ways to survive the calamities. Many survivors like Patrick Shelley are mentioned in the book, who survived and made living in woods for several years. He wrote in detail about how you can make sound plans and how you can trap and hunt animals during winters. It teaches how we can survive in similar ways and situations as our ancestors did.
  • From Shannon to the Azores you get knowledge about the sailors from 18th century and how they used to save water in their ships for several months and sometimes even for years. You will get knowledge about how you can save clean water in tough situations to meet needs of your family.
  • Susan Morrow, who is an ex-science teacher and a chemist, wrote about the art of poultice. She told us that how our ancestors used to make the poultice and what ingredients they used for making it. It will be surprising to know that these poultices are very much similar to the modern medicines. At the time of crises, you will be left with no antibiotics; if you have this knowledge then you can be a savior for the ill people.
  • Lex Rooker is showing how to make superfood with the ingredients that you can find easily. This does not end here, this book has many more experiences and information that one must know. It can be helpful not only at the time of any hazard but also you may find it helpful in your daily lives.

This book contains 24 such chapters having 338 pages and each chapter will provide with a different experience by many peoples and what they have learned from their forefathers. The best part is that if these techniques are learned properly then anyone can use it

This was a program released and designed by Claude Davis to expose the practices and ways needed for the survival in different disastrous conditions. Dian Hackett, an expert survivalist has also contributed to this program.

Well, we have often heard that everything has its two aspects; positive as well as negative. The lost ways scam says that there are also some of the negative points associated with this survival guide. No doubt, this program was someway biased and exaggerated. On one hand, this book teaches us about self-contingent techniques but on the other hand, it takes away the responsibilities and importance of government. One more important observation is that not all the methods and life survival skills are possible to work upon at the time of hazards. Some of the techniques may work well, however some may not are fully efficient for modern times.

So in our final verdict, with the lost ways review, we can conclude that the book is stuffed with the essentials for the belief of living. If something hazardous occurs then you should not be the one to cry over it and be a coward. Instead be the one who stand against all the bad that is happening and try all that you can do for survival with the hope to continue your life inthe finest way.

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